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SERBIAN VISIONS 2017 - the only multi congress in Serbia

Come, learn, get informed, take advantage!

PROGRAM - Serbian Visions 2017!


25 - 26 NOVEMBER 2017
(Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 8pm)

Hotel Radisson Blu Old Mill Belgrade



The project Serbian Visions is designed as a specific concept of gathering civil society organizations, professional and other associations, institutes and institutions and businesses. The aim of organizing the only multi congress in Serbia - Serbian Visions is strengthening the role of civilian movements within the country as well as creating more favorable economic environment by emphasizing important country-development activities. 

SERBIAN VISIONS is the multi congress which encompasses different topics: human rights, economics, education, culture, innovations, health care, environmental protection, protection of animals, the EU integrations, security and other topics which represent a vision of better future for Serbia.

The content of SERBIAN VISIONS:

√ 60  

two-hour-long events, taking place during one weekend

√ 60      

different participants, organizers of their own events: NGOs, institutes, associations, universities and faculties, groups of professionals, companies, etc.

√ 60       

different types of events: discussions, forums, presentations, workshops, seminars, movies, etc.

√ 60   

important subjects for discussion such as: human rights, economics, education, culture, health care, environmental protection, EU integrations, etc.

√ 60    

and more reasons to come and visit the only multi-congress in Serbia

All citizens are invited to the multi congress Serbian Visions. The entry is free of charge, and the application for individual events is not mandatory.

Experience from the previous year

The multi congress Serbian Visions 2016 took place during weekend 26 - 27 November 2016 in the Hotel Radisson Blu Old Mill. This huge event with 60 two-hour-long events appealed almost 3.000 visitors. 
Photos from the multi congress Serbian Visions find HERE.
Short movie about the event find here Image result for youtube button 

Project of AHK Serbia in cooperation with PKS




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