The Serbian Visions multi congress is a weekend manifestation composed of 60 two-hour-long events. This multi congress encompasses a large number of diverse topics: human rights, economy, European integrations, education, culture, health care, environmental protection, security, innovations and other topics which represent visions for better future for Serbia.

The aim of the multi congress is to strengthen the role of civilian movements within the country, create more favourable economic environment and connect wide audience. Serbian Visions is a festival of civil society.

25 - 26 November 2017
(Saturday and Sunday, 10AM – 8PM)

Hotel Radisson Blu Old Mill Belgrade


-60 two-hour-long events take place during one weekend

-60 different participants, organizers of their own events: NGOs, institutes, associations, universities and faculties, groups of professionals, companies, etc.

-60 different types of events: discussions, forums, presentations, workshops, seminars, movies, etc.

-60 interesting topics: human rights, economics, education, innovations, culture, health care, environmental protection, EU integrations, etc.

-60 and more reasons to visit the only multi congress in Serbia

The entrance is free of charge!
All interested citizens are invited to visit the manifestation!
It is not necessary to register for individual events!


- Organizer, the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Serbian), leases six conference rooms (35, 40, 45, 50, 90, 120 seats) in the Hotel Radisson Blu Old Mill

- Organizer sends an invitation for participation in the multi congress via email to potential co-organizers/participants: civil society organizations, professional associations, institutions, institutes, universities and faculties, etc.

- Interested potential co-organizers should fill out the FORM. That way organizer is informed about the topic co-organizer would like to present, manner of presenting and approximate number of visitors at individual two-hour-long event

- Interested organizations  which didn’t get an invitation can download the application form from the Serbian Visions website and apply for participation in the multi congress

- Co-organizers/participants will be selected by Serbian Visions team. Our selection is based on experience from the previous years and desire to encompass as much various topic as possible

- The multi congress program (with 60 individual events) will be made by Serbian Visions team

First time, in 2017, participants will be awarded for the best vision and the best social engagement by Serbian Visions team.


After the selection process is completed, all co-organizers/participants are obliged to inform the audience about their individual events and the multi congress through their mailing lists, social media and websites. They should send an electronic invitation to all their mailing lists two times:

1. First time by sending an invitation for their two-hour manifestation

2. Second time by sending an invitation for the multi congress

Co-organizers will be given specially created cover photo which they should post on their social networks in the period of 17 - 24 November. Also, they should share Serbian Visions Facebook event.

Information about the manifestation and the program with all 60 individual events will be available on the websites: Serbian Visions, The German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and on the website of our partner The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Serbia, as well as on the website of the Serbian Government’s Office for Cooperation with Civil Society and other offices and organizations which are interested in collaboration.

Through the sales network “Moj kiosk” flayers will be distributed to interested audience on 200 sales places in the city, two days before manifestation.

Also, we have established cooperation with social responsible media, interested to inform  wide audience about the Serbian Visions multi congress.

The Application Form for NGOs is available HERE.
The Form for sponsorship and participation of the companies/profit organizations is available HERE.

The sponsorship packages are available HERE.