Why should you take part in Serbian Visions?

  • Because your organization is committed to creating a better future in Serbia
  • Because you are dedicated to protection and improvement of human rights, environmental protection, protection of animals, humanitarian work, EU integrations, creation of better economic environment...
  • Because this multi congress gathers NGOs, associations, businesses and everyone with ideas and visions

How to apply for Serbian Visions?

Apply for a place at the second Serbian Visions multi congress. Apply for your place free of charge for one of two-hour-long events in six different conference halls.

For participation in the multi congress, it is necessary that you send a filled-out application form which include information about your organization. The number of co-organizers is limited by available space in the conference halls. Serbian Vision team will choose participants/co-organizers in order to cover as much different topics as possible.

The application form can be found HERE.

How does Serbian Visions work?

Co-organizers will be given a conference hall free of charge to host accurate two-hour-long event of their choice (entrance in a hall, preparation, event and leaving the hall cannot last longer than 2 hours). Individual events will take turns one after another every two hours during the weekend. Co-organizers can choose a form of their events: lectures, presentations, podium discussions, films, workshops, seminars, etc.

Requirements for co-organizers

1. Co-organizers should send electronic invitation for their events and the multi congress to all their mailing lists – lists of members, friends and partners two times. Firstly, they should inform potential audience about their event and after that co-organizers should send invitation for the multi congress once more with datailed program and schedule of events. 

2. Co-organizers will be given specially created cover photo which they should post on their social media in the period of 17 - 24 November. Also, they should share Serbian Visions Facebook event.

Interested co-organizers can use one of the info-desks located in lobby of the hotel for entire duration of the multi congress (Saturday and Sunday). The price is €98 with VAT in local currency (RSD).