Participation of the companies

Our goal is to connect both the business and civilian sectors in one place during this particular happening, which is going to take place for the first time in Serbia.

Your goal should be to use this opportunity and the audience to present your own company, product, idea, or service…

  • At least 60 available, 2 hour long terms will be distributed among co-organizers (NGOs, professional and other citizen groups, associations, foundations…), who will then hold over 60 diverse events (presentations, panel discussions, workshops, films…) which will take place simultaneously in the hotel’s conference halls during the allotted 2 days
  • 60 diverse happenings means a huge number of visitors
  • Over 60 participating, non-profit organizations and companies that will, just like the organizer DSW, send invitations to their complete respective mailing lists with a fully outlined program and information about participants

Do not miss this chance, be present at this attractive happening. Advertise your company, product, idea, service, or project at the first multi congress in Serbia.

Spearhead the first multi-congress in Serbia!

Participating companies will also be able to book one of the halls in a commercial deal, not solely through sponsorships.