Why should you take part in SERBIAN VISIONS?

  • Because the multi congress will be a gathering place for everyone with ideas, projects and interesting offers in domains of agriculture, culture, society, etc.
  • Because we can’t expect the government alone to solve all our problems
  • Because successful EU integrations require much more than several new laws

How to apply for SERBIAN VISIONS?

Apply for a place at the first Serbian Visions multi congress, book your place free of charge for one of the two hour long events in six different conference halls!

Please note that in order to be properly applied, you need to submit a filled-out application form. The number of presenters is limited by the availability of space. Our sole criteria for admittance is based on a desire to offer as diverse selection of topics as possible. After we have announced that the window for applying is open, we kindly ask you to submit an official confirmation of participation.

For this year’s multi congress, all slots are filled. Our advice is to submit a request, so you can be put on a waiting list.

The application form can be found HERE.

How does SERBIAN VISIONS work?

Every co-organizer – a non-profit organization, will be given a hall for free, to host an event of their own choice and the duration of the event cannot exceed 2 hours. Individual events will take turns one after another every two hours throughout the weekend. Co-organizers can use the premises to introduce themselves to the audience in any way they like: lectures, presentations, podium discussions, films, workshops, seminars, etc.

A sole requirement: We ask that co-organizers send electronic invitations to all their members, friends, social-network followers, guests of honour, sponsors and supporters and to anyone you think would be interested in this multi-congress. Invitations, which will be sent by all co-organizers/presenters to their entire mailing list circa 7 days before the opening of the multi congress, will also contain a complete program and schedule of events. This way, the audience will have all the necessary information on time, which means they will be able to choose which of the 60 offered happenings they wish to attend to.

For the use of one of the 24 offered booths, located in the lobby of the hotel for the entire duration of the multi congress (Saturday and Sunday), we will bill you the lowest agreed upon price of €75 in local currency (RSD).