The experience from the previous years has shown that Serbian Visions is a good place for presenting ideas, visions, companies, products and services in front of wide audience.

- 60 two-hour long events are distributed among co-organizers (NGOs, professional and other citizen groups, associations, foundations, companies) that will hold over 60 diverse events (presentations, panel discussions, workshops, films, etc.) which will take place simultaneously in the hotel’s conference halls during the allotted 2 days

- Co-organizers, the German - Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia will send the invitation for Serbian Visions to all the contacts from their mailing lists as well. The information about the multi congress will also be shared through the social media.

- 60 diverse happenings will gather a huge number of visitors in one place (4.000 – 5.000 is our assessment)


Do not let the chance slip away! Present yout company, project, idea, product or service!

Application form can be found HERE.

Sponsorship packages can be found HERE.